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1.27mm / 0.050" test centre

The LPC1 Series is the universal size for use at 1.27mm test centres in the majority of ATE test fixtures. It has a very wide range of tip styles for almost all test targets. Additionally, a wide choice of spring forces is available. The ST-LPC1 series adds hardened steel tips which ensure an exceptional resistance to wear in high volume PCB production runs. The LF-LPC1 series has hardened tips, extra resilient plated surfaces and an enhanced pre-loaded spring pressure to enable good penetration of the tough residual contamination often found on the surface of many lead-free solders.

Test Probe Specification

Full travel
6.35mm (.250")
Working travel
4.24mm (.167")
Spring force
at wkg travel
'S' Light spring
114g (4.0oz)
'X' Heavy spring
170g (6.0oz)
'U' Ultra heavy spring
227g (8oz)
Minimum test centres
1.27mm (.050")

Receptacle Specification

Mounting hole size: 0.97/0.99mm.
0.95mm drill is most commonly used:
Drill part no. DRC1. RIT tool part no. TC1A, TRC1

How to Use

Tip Style - PLAIN PYRAMID - L spring STEEL
The diagram below shows the tipstyle to this part no..

PLAIN PYRAMID - L spring STEEL ATE PROBE/Sharp pyramid/Light spring STEEL

Qty Price each ex VAT
< 50
50 - up
100 - up
250 - up
500 - up
1000 - up
3000 - up
5000 - up
> 10000

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