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Non-replaceable. No receptacle. 0.46mm test centres. Drill hole size - 0.27mm-0.28mm

Test Probe Specification

Full travel
Working travel
Spring force
at wkg travel
Current rating DC (max)
1 Amp
Minimum test centres


The non-replaceable micro test probes feature a collar at the top of the barrel, which is used as a stop in the fitment process. Due to the minute barrel diameters and thin walls, it is imperative that the drilled hole diameter (0.27mm - 0.28mm) and straightness are very accurate.

Usually, multi-plate fixtures containing no less than 3 plates are used to retain large multiples of probes.

Otherwise a block of stable material which will allow reliable drilled holes is to be recommended, with the micro test probe fitted wire/tail first with tweezers, with a small amount of locking compound on the side to secure it, if required.

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